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Silence of the Night

A run in with sexy Ryan Campbell, outside her mother’s gift shop in the small town of Willowbrook, was the beginning of a major life change for Emma Jones.

Heartbreaking news that she receives from her mother that same day, has her searching in desperation for answers, and fate has it that Ryan is just the man to deliver what she needs.

Clouded by guilt, love, loss and mixed signals, they each struggle with the emotional rollercoaster they find themselves on.

Is love at first sight a real thing or is it just imagined? 

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A sweet holiday romance, with all the feels,  that will have you reading from beginning to the end in one sitting.

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Book no.1
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When Ethan sits in a bar to drink away the guilt he feels about his

ex-girlfriend’s suicide, he certainly doesn’t expect to meet the love of his life there. But the goddess that sat next to him was impossible to ignore.

When Cindy steps into the bar for a meeting, she didn’t expect to find the city’s most eligible bachelor drowning his sorrows at the end of the bar. Sitting next to him, she could sense his struggle, and couldn’t help but feel the need to cheer him up.

That one night leads both to a happiness that they have never known before. However, happiness doesn’t last forever as Ethan finds himself a suspect in the city’s newest homicide.

Take a journey with Ethan through new love, heartbreak, revenge and murder.

     Tammy Mitchell is a strong willed, independent woman, who journeys through heartbreaking loss, discovering new family and discovering the one man that irritates her to no end. One man she'd rather not be around.  She didn't need his help, didn't want his help, and yet, he never seemed to give up trying to help which only irritated her more.  She was quite capable of managing what needed to be done, herself.

     Ethan Stone's past catches up to him when he returns to a family owned trailer park to continue the healing process from the loss of his fiancé years before.  A visit he did yearly since she died. This time he encounters Tammy, a broken, fragile, young woman that looked like she needed all the help she could get.  He tried to help but discovered that no matter what he did, she didn't appreciate anything.  It always resulted in friction between them. There's only so much abuse one should take but for the very reason that brought him back to family, he kept trying.

     Although the attraction between Tammy and Ethan was real from their first time they met, it wasn't enough for either one of them to set aside their irritations and differences, but when Tammy discovers that Ethan is in danger, it would be a fight she didn't know she had left in her.

     Tammy disappears after an uncontrollable event. The daily search turns up no clues.  Ethan, feeling totally helpless for once, struggles to stay in control of his senses and emotions.

     Discover who needs who?  Who saves who?  Will their differences outweigh their needs?  

     This is a story of family, love and changes possible through adversity.

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Book no.2
Book no.3

"Never Call Me Sweetheart" will take you on a roller-coaster ride of intrigue and romance. While Tammy confronts a family death, Ethan steps in as the perfect hero with a tragic past. Things start off rocky and then take a delicious turn for the steamy when his willingness to help her through a tough time proves hard to resist. What happens next will keep you reading through till the end in one sitting! 


~ Dina Porter, Proof! It's Done. Romance Novel Editing Services 

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