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The Beach Cottage

A later in life Contemporary Romance Novel

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"I really enjoyed this book! The complex character, Everly kept me on my toes. Everly goes from being a high power executive to a semi retired beach resident. She experiences triumphs and losses. She also meets two very different men who cause her to look deep inside herself . This book addresses the reality of alcoholism and its effect on everyone it touches. A definite must read!"

Genteel and professional Everly Write has it all—looks, success, and a respectable position as executive director of the East Coast’s most prestigious marketing firm. And the best part? They value her input as much as they value her twenty-five-year tenure. 


That is…until they don’t.


When the company decides to replace Everly’s time-tested and sage wisdom for some young fresh blood, she’s forced to re-evaluate her life in New York City and what it means to suddenly be “retired” at forty-eight.


In a desperate attempt to leave her old life behind, she seeks solace in a little retail therapy. Well, big retail therapy as she spends a chunk of her hefty severance package on purchasing a secluded beach-front cottage in Florida. 


Ocean water laps the sand at her feet, the sun shines brightly upon her comfy bungalow, and the neighboring hotel seems to have fabulous brunch specials—what could go wrong?


Romantic entanglement with an infuriating (and infuriatingly handsome) neighbor, that’s what.

But Sean Drake is more than just the Harvard law degree and the booze he drowns himself in. Underneath his sharp-witted comments and the tragically messy exterior lives a painful past that kills his relationship with Everly before it can even begin.


And when a Category 4 hurricane threatens to destroy everything Everly has tried to build in her new life in Florida, it’s suddenly not just her heart at risk. Suddenly, she must ask herself, Is any of this worth it?


Does she stay and fight? Does she stay and lose? Does she ignore her troublesome heart and choose the man who’s safe and reliable? Who treats her like his very own beach goddess?


Or does she choose the man who makes her heart skip a beat…over…and over…and over.


Even if he is a tough storm to weather.


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