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Willowbrook Hearts Series

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A run in with sexy Ryan Campbell, outside her mother’s gift shop in the small town of Willowbrook, was the beginning of a major life change for Emma Jones.

Heartbreaking news that she receives from her mother that same day, has her searching in desperation for answers, and fate has it that Ryan is just the man to deliver what she needs.

Clouded by guilt, love, loss and mixed signals, they each struggle with the emotional rollercoaster they find themselves on.

Is love at first sight a real thing or is it just imagined? 

"A box of tissues is recommended while ready this story! Emma Jones was looking forward to spending Christmas with her mom. Emma knows she has neglected her too much since moving from the small town of Willowbrook to bustling Toronto to pursue her career. But things didn't work out as she planned. She receives devastating news from her mom, and her whole world tilts. Emma has always prided herself on being independent. Now she finds herself relying on advice and expertise from Ryan Campbell, who she literally bumps into on an icy sidewalk. Friendship develops between them as they work together to help Emma's mom. Ryan is a widower who has a hard time letting go of his wife's memory. Emma is wracked with guilt over her mom's situation. The couple's relationship fluctuates back and forth before both realize the importance of moving forward in several areas of their lives. This holiday romance shows that even in the bleakest of times, love can be found and treasured." Reviewer

Paula, the kind-hearted woman who runs the women's shelter in Willowbrook, has faced her fair share of hardships in life. Years ago, she was a victim of domestic violence and managed to escape the toxic    environment, but the scars of the past still haunt her. However, she has not let her traumatic experiences define her, instead choosing to use her experience to help other women in similar situations.

Attracted to the charming and confident Jace Carter, a police officer, Paula is drawn to the man's genuine interest in her well-being, and finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love. But her past continues to weigh heavily on her, and she fears that she may never truly be able to open up to another person.

As Paula grapples with her past and struggles to move on, a new danger arises in Willowbrook, putting the lives of the women in the shelter in jeopardy. Paula finds herself torn between protecting the women she cares for and pursuing the love that she craves, and must make a difficult choice between risking her own safety in order to help those in need, or giving in to her fears and letting love pass her by.

Cathy Stanfield was excited at the prospected of becoming Willowbrook’s next mayor, discussing her campaign and platform the handsome Michael Winslow, a new potential romantic prospect.
What she doesn’t know is that very accomplished Michael was also asked to run by the mayor. Taking his time to think about the possibility, he said he’d get back with an answer before the tree lighting.
Michael didn’t want to mention it to Cathy and put a strain on their relationship. Instead, he would tell the Mayor that he wouldn’t run. When he tries, the mayor threatens to ruin him and his career.
Reluctantly, he agrees to run, thinking that he wouldn’t campaign, giving Cathy the better chance to win. He would explain all to her before the names are announced at the tree lighting.
But things don’t always go the way they are supposed to. An accident, an investigation and a new man in Cathy’s life change everything. Will Cathy and Michael overcome all the hurdles?

Book 4  Coming Soon

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