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Kate Walsh had been bitter about inheriting her grandmothers' house 200 miles from where her life was. But the move offered her an opportunity to make life easier for herself and her son Noah.

The move to the small town of Evinshire introduces her to the legend of the great Helen Walsh, her secret letters, and a town of friendly helpful people, including Jeremy, who thought the world of Helen Walsh.

Now, he sits on the same porch with Helen's granddaughter, feeling the same connection he had with Helen, but realizes he wants more than just friendship.

Kate loves being with Jeremy. His friendship has made her new start in life in the small town easier. But she doesn’t want to risk losing the friendship they have by giving more.

What will it take for the two hearts to connect for love? Will Kate ever forgive her mother and her sisters for the way she was treated growing up? Can Kate find true happiness?

A heart-wrenching story that will have you reading from cover to cover in one sitting.

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