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"I really enjoyed this book! The complex character, Everly kept me on my toes. Everly goes from being a high power executive to a semi retired beach resident. She experiences triumphs and losses. She also meets two very different men who cause her to look deep inside herself . This book addresses the reality of alcoholism and its effect on everyone it touches. A definite must read!"

New Release

February 2023

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"I have never read anything by Diana Kurth before, OMG this was fantastic!! If I could give this 100 stars I would! Everly is let go from her NYC executive position, and moves to a Florida beach cottage. She finds walking on the beach everyday very relaxing. Everly meets Sean who lives in a condo next door; she also meets Dan. After a hurricane destroys her cottage, she debates to stay in Florida or return to NYC. Everly has feelings for both Sean and Dan; who does she choose or neither? Does she stay in Florida? Love the plot, beautiful settings, and strong intense characters. Excellent writing!!"

I'm always looking for new members to join my team. Beta readers and ARC readers are required.

As a Beta reader, you would be sent and edited version of the book to read and in return, I would be looking for feedback on how to improve it, be that with the story line, the characters, or even editing errors. You would essentially help improve the book.

As an ARC reader, you would receive a free paperback copy of the book once you agree to leave a review within a month of release date.

These are non-paid positions and only some are chosen.

To apply, clik the link.


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     I have spent the last 45 years devouring romance and women's literature novels.  I love the stories that have a bit of mystery, a bit of conflict, and happy endings.  Books that released emotions were the best.  I've cried over many.

     So, one day, many years ago, I decided to write my own.  It's been over 20 years in the making because life had always gotten in the way but in 2021 I sat down and put my all into it.  We all have to start somewhere right?  It felt good to get the words out, finally.  I'm hoping that I can write many more books in the future.  My mind is full of stories.

     Currently, by day, I am a full time cost analyst, a cover designer part time evenings and weekends and now a writer. I also have a passion for photography.

     I am married to a wonderful man that supports me with all my endeavors.  We live in Ontario Canada.  We have 4 children/step children between us and 5 grandchildren.



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